Do over.

Today is one of those days you just wish never happened. And it's still going.

My client's website is down (although I can see it, and yes I cleared cache and history), my dog has a "stomach obstruction" but they could't tell what it was because he had a ton of food in it ($344 to tell me nothing), and I spent my whole day once again doing everyone elses job.

They do not pay me enough for this. 

And my dog is a cutie, but right now he is eating everything in sight (can't feed him) and farting like a mad man. The x-rays did tell me he has a lot of gas...thanks, like I couldn't smell.

Please don't tell me to enlist the power of positive thought because let me tell you--I have been smiling, and thinking nothing but outcomes of what I wish (more like NEED) things to be and damn it, it is NOT working. Fuck The Secret. There, I said it.

Sometimes you just have bad luck and bad days. They suck. But as the never-fail optimist, it only means that I have a bunch of GOOD days coming my way.

Right? Right?


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