The Frustrated Poet

That's me. My new brand. Considering it came from our agency's brand guru via a comment on my Facebook page it must be true. This comment stemmed from my frequent schizophrenic updates on Facebook yesterday---from dying to so excited to be alive. The really embarrassing thing is I would update my Facebook status MUCH more often if people wouldn't think I was totally off my rocker. I have a reputation to protect.

I do not consider myself a poet, but a writer, sort of. I will never write a book like the History of Love. But I can turn my observations into anecdotal fodder for the world to consume. I'm going to write that entertaining yet valuable lesson of a book that makes you look at life in a different way through humor...and anger, elation, insanity and truth.

It's a good thing I have other plans, seeing as it was confirmed for me today that I am an "undervalued" asset.  Since 1998, thank you very much.

Which begs the question---what the hell am I doing? Really.

A question I most certainly do not have the answer to today. I know my value. I know what I bring to this world. Not only at my J-O-B but in life in general. What to do about it is apparently lost on me. For now...I'm slowly seeing the light.

This poet is going to bottle her frustration and come out big. Just you wait.

You can say you knew me when. It's cool.


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