Happy St. Paddy's Day

First, I would like to say that I am not required to wear green because I am legitimately Irish. Just look at me (and watch my cheeks when I have a drink).

Celebrated with all the 20-something's last night in ATL at Fado. Had a fabulous time, but didn't really need the excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol.

So, I'm in the bathroom and this very attractive little thing of a girl is freaking out and asking for Tums. She  nearly tackles me, and tells me her stomach is upset and she can't stop farting, and she's trying to hook up with this guy, and on and on and on.

First, I feel really bad for that guy---wonder how his morning is.
Second, I am really glad I'm not 22 anymore--although it was a good time.
Finally, my dog is a noxious outputter, so I had Beano in my bag--yup, sure did. I saved this little trixie with my Beano. She thought I was God.

About sums up the high points of my night. Do I have to go out and do this again on Tuesday?


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