Mickey D's Does it Right

Occasionally I get the urge to consume a chessburger, large fry and large coke from satan's kitchen. On average, about once a quarter I contribute to their bottom line. Today was one such day--and Mickey D's has come a long way.

Yes, there are new *healthier* menu options, but that's not what I'm raving about (my cheezbooger is just fine, thank you). It's the speed and accuracy of the double drive in. I kid you not, there were 6-7 cars in front of me and I was outta there in 5 minutes flat, food hot and in hand. They actually had McDonald's employees standing OUTSIDE in the drive through line to help expedite the process--a woman took my credit card, then I drove up and the window lady handed it right back. I literally rolled past the pick up window as another woman handed me my bag of deliciousness.

Nothing makes me angrier than inefficiency (literally, I plan "trips" around my house--i.e if I have to put the toolbox away, I wait until the next time I take Giz out because it's "on the way"...ridiculous, I know)

I don't know who their Efficiency Expert is, but damn I want to meet him/her. And give him/her a job.


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