No Worry Chicken Curry!!

I love me some Indian food. All the little sauces and breads and vegetables and small indian people who want to bring you BIG King Fisher beers. Yum.

While Himalayas Indian Restaurant is my favorite, I did have some surprisingly good Indian food from where else but Target tonight.

I was cruising the half-ass food aisles (this was not a SuperTarget) looking for Archer Farms trail mixes and those tasty little buffalo pretzels when I came across these pre-prepared meals---that weren't refrigerated. I must have appeared stoned to the average onlooker (for the record, I wasn't) because I stood there for like 10 minutes reading each package. It was fancy pre-prepared dinners--Pasta Herb Provencale, Angel Chicken (whatever the hell that is), and Tikka Masala--which is what I ended up with of course. It was seasoned green pea basmati rice and tikka masala. Just veggies, no meat.

It was yummy! Light, and good. A bit richer and not quite as spicy as I like my Tikka. That said, I've never had a tikka masala that tasted the same, except when I get it at the same restaurant--which is always Himalayas.  This was not so bad for $3.99 Target Indian food. Who knew?!

Did you know that in a survey of 48 different tikka masala recipes the only common ingredient was chicken? This explains why I cannot master this dish at home.

P.S. Don't drink red zin with jellybeans. Ick.


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