124 Minutes of Sunshine

We spent three days at the lake over the Memorial Day weekend, and the last two hours on Monday in the actual sun (RAN for the dock!), laying back with a cerveza and enjoying what we should have been all weekend! Not that the rain is unwelcome--it keeps the lake house a "lake" house and not a "woods" house.

My belly was bloated and I looked less than optimal in my one-piece (did not even go the route of 2-piece for this mini-adventure)--because I was stuck in the house EATING since Friday. The good news is I am all the way through episode 9 of TrueBlood--dark, funny, sexy, violent and more often than not disturbing and uncomfortable--and my boyfriend and I only had one argument all weekend depsite being trapped.

It's supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees this weekend, and the good news is it's already Tuesday and I have to travel tomorrow. So before I know it Thursday will be upon us and a sunny weekend at the lake in the near future. Time flies. Period.

Shortly after that I'll wake up at sixty with sagging breasts to stuff into my bikini, after wishing my way to weekends my entire adult life.


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