Merriment in the Mundane

Today was an accomplished day. I got a lot done at the office, and at's usually one or the other.

It was an icky, rainy, thunderstormy day, but I decided it was a good day to take the dog for a long walk. On my first attempt, it down poured. On my second attempt, it came to fruition. Giz and I took what I assumed would be a 45 minute walk--either we walked really fast or it wasn't as far as I thought because we were home in 25 minutes (and that includes getting the mail). But the hills were hell and I still feel like I got a workout--Giz too (who now lays spread-eagle on the hardwoods).

When we got home, I decided the grocery store was in order--seeing as I have been living off of string cheese dunked in mustard powder my boyfriend got me from London (hello, he spent much time in Harrod's, and yet I got mustard??).  Healthy, organic and low fat food items filled my fabulous green earth-friendly bags.

Did I mention I threw laundry in before the walk? I did. So then when I got home from the grocery store, I put a masque (i.e. mask) on my luscious hair and worked for another 20 minutes while I "marinated".

And now I'm clean, really done with work, about to be fed, and very...content.

The mundane has a funny way of making you feel good.


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