I keep seeing this tab in blogger draft...the option to monetize my blog.  I could let ads intermingle with my prose, but that's so commercial. Ha! No, I am so not that person, just felt like saying it. 

I have this vision that I have held for YEARS since seeing the movie Funny Farm. Chevy Chase and his wife--some actress I forget---move to the country and he sets out to write his novel in an upstairs room that overlooks a pond. If you have seen the movie you know it's not even about the book, but the antics they encounter in their country house and the fact that his wife gets published first (the mailman is probably the highlight of the movie). I often think if I had that room, that pond, I would be much further along in writing my book.

While that is not exactly realistic, moving to the lake house and writing my book is--of course, in an ideal world I would quit my job to write the book. But how would I live (and pay for things like Michael Kors handbags)?

See, in my vision, not ever--not once, have I ever believed I might actually make money from writing the book--it's always been a "hobby" vision. But what's to say it couldn't be a career? With some focus, dedicated time and, um, a publisher, it might work out after all. 

For now, I shall keep the job and the hobby and let them do battle royale when the time comes 

P.S. I hope the book wins.


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