Kids, that is.

I bought a Volvo XC90 yesterday. Typically a mom-mobile (I have no idea what I am going to do with that booster and third row seat), of all the cars I drove it was the only one with a true combination of utility and luxury at a price point I was willing to succumb to in buying a car.

And I love it. L-O-V-E, love it. I have driven nothing but Acura's my entire life. This is definitely a change, and one I like after 27 hours.

I am so very happy that this experience is over for the next 6-8 years. I hated every minute of it. The end result was surely worth waiting.

Waiting was key. I almost ended up with two other automobiles. One that was a little more than I wanted to pay, another that was a little less luxury than I, well, deserve. So the Volvo it is.

Maybe I'll rent some kids.


  1. I have two for you to rent any time. As long as I can rent your kidless life for a weekend. :)


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