I really wanted it to work. I thought it was love. It wasn't always rosy, but things seemed to be going well and marriage was even discussed.  And now, it's over.

I can't believe Jessica and Tony split up.  I didn't think it was real on the cover of the US magazine my sister brought to town this weekend, but People online confirms it today.

Oddly enough, I was really pulling for them. I say odd because I do not even like Jessica Simpson.  I could care less about football and Tony Romo and especially dislike the cowboys. Yet somehow I have a soft spot for them. I liked them. Together.

I think it may have been because she had an entire legion of fans of her boyfriends livelihood hating her and blaming her for poor game performance. She couldn't even walk into the stadium. Just imagine that for one minute. Totally sucks. But she overcame it and he supported her. Then everyone called her fat. Ok, maybe a little coupled with very poor choice in clothing. This too she seemed to be getting over, but I wonder if he was too.

And to be dumped the day before your birthday? So wrong. I sure hope he didn't dump her because she got a little meaty.

Flat out of celebrity couples to cheer on. Whatever will I do with my time?


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