Jersey Girl

Tis not the state from which I hale that I refer to this morning. I came to work in jersey knit and flip flops today. Nothing like management setting a stellar example. There is a reason, truly.

We were at the lake this weekend (feeling like a broken record here), and on Friday when I packed we had every intention of coming back to the condo on Sunday night--after TruBlood of course. My man, staying true to his nature, tells me Saturday morning that his parents are coming in Sunday night--to the lake. In all fairness, I do recall him mentioning this a week or two ago, but it somehow escaped all future conversation. Kind of like the getting married thing.

I had two options: 1) drive all the way back to ATL on a perfectly nice lake day and potentially rush having to make dinner and miss TruBlood (not to mention maybe becoming roadkill on 400) or 2) make the jersey knit work.

Naturally I chose option two. I just couldn't take that risk.

My lifesaver this morning? A highly professional looking cardigan I keep in my office draped nicely over my jersey knit dress. Coupled that with some silver hoops and you ain't never know the difference.

You can't even tell I'm not wearing a bra. 


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