Mani-Pedi Experience

A first. I went for a (see blog title) tonight, and a woman came in for a pedicure with an ankle bracelet. Not the gold or silver kind, but the "I can't leave the state" kind. She hiked up her pant leg, and I immediately thought she just got out of prison and was confined to her home.

But she looked way too pixie cute to have served hard time, and if she was on house arrest she would not be at Glam Nails with me now would she? Not to mention, she was getting a pedicure (not that prison bitches don't like nice toes, but I don't think Aileene Wuornos spent much time in a nail salon).

Turns out, it's a bracelet that detects alcohol or drug use--to the point where she can't even take Nyquil. Who invented this piece of crap, and how much fun do you have?! She is a DUI offender, and violated her probation, which was to not be in the presence of alcohol. DUI is pretty damn stupid what with cabs, safe rides, sober & pregnant friends (I mean, take your pick), however, she earned the bracelet when her probation office stopped by and found her boyfriend having a beer. Some people really need to feel important.

I don't want to debate the appropriateness of her punishment, but to share with you the hilarity of watching the broken english-speaking manicurist try to get that thing off her leg.

You try explaining that one.


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