Deep breath, I am not.

But a high number of the women in my life are--married or otherwise. I suppose it's that time in my life, the age so to speak, but what's really crazy is the fact that everyone is having GIRLS! As of today, only 1 out of 6 is delivering a man child, and of the remaining 5 only one of those chose not to learn the sex. That's a rather large percentage of estrogen being brought into the world in my little circle. Men, be forewarned.

I am beginning to wonder if there is any truth to the extinction of men--lord knows we have enough assholes to weed out. Have you heard about this? Women being categorized as the "sleeper sex"--that is, the strongest of the two quietly biding their time to take over the world. Obviously we need men in order to pro-create, but maybe not quite so many. The idea of Alpha Males--purely used to populate the earth--is a theory (albeit freakin' weird) that this is the direction or evolution. Meaning, we all get to sleep with Johnny Depp to have children. There are other theories that state man-made chemicals are influencing the birth of more girls--like it's a bad thing.

Regardless of the influencing factors, it's just plain strange so many little Born without a Y's are coming into the world in my circles.

And for that one little man child---life is going to be G-O-O-D.


  1. God is smiling down on Logan; I swear! And, IF I have another one I will be following every single bit of science, wives tail or otherwise to have another charming little XY!


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