Salad is for Supermodels

Really. Who the hell eats salad because they enjoy it? Let me rephrase that--who eats salad less the cheese, bacon and dressing that make it just as awful for you as any other food? A good friend of mine made this point the other day when asked about lunch, and I could not agree more. The supermodel line is in fact hers, and yes, I stole it.

I have never been one of those girls who orders a salad because women should. Most women are in fact not supermodels. I know, it shocked me too. If I eat like a bird, it's potato skins less the entree. The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to eat like this and not see the consequences--mainly in my gut. I look like I'm five months pregnant, and despite the popularity of this fad around me, I am not.

But I still cannot consider salad for every meal.

Ten pounds, that's all I want. I need a good flu or something to start the process. This accomplishes shrinkage of the stomach so that I can still eat the food I love, just in smaller portions. Couple that with moderate exercise (we naturally high strung people burn calories like brush fires so let's not get crazy with the tread mill) and voila!

Or maybe I'll just take up a coke habit, like the supermodels.


  1. back surgery is a great way to shed 20lbs...

  2. well "Anonymous", I know who you are!


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