I slept very soundly last night for 9 hours straight. I got back to my hotel room around 8pm, which in a normal world would be an early night. But having got up at 4am that morning for a 6:30 flight, 8pm was two hours past my bedtime. Did I mention I don't miss traveling? The Delta "it's time to check in" message gives me hives.

I barely noticed my surroundings and just crashed--ear plugs in, eye mask on, the noise of NYC completely shut out. Take that.

This morning, I got up to shower. Turned on the faucet in the tub to get the water warmed up, then pulled up the little whatever you call it to make the water come out of the shower head and promptly got shot in the face. I somehow missed the 8 bars attached to the side of my HANDICAPPED tub, and proceeded to wrestle with the midget-sized shower head (not thinking to turn the water OFF). By the time I figured it out I no longer needed to shower and did housekeeping's job of mopping the floor as well.

I sure hope this is no inidication of how the rest of my day will go. Please send happy thoughts.


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