High School Hang-ups

Admit it, you still have them. We all do to a degree. I was talking to a co-worker this week who just attended his 30th (or maybe 40th--somewhere up there) reunion and said there was a girl they used to torture in middle school who came to every reunion just to prove how well she turned out. Still. Thirty years later. Amazing how easily yet unknowingly capable we are of wounding one another...for life.

I haven't been to any of my high school reunions. Not for lack of interest, I just haven't been invited. I hope it's because they can't find me. Or maybe they are still intimidated.

Of course, with Facebook, every day is a high school reunion. There are people on Facebook I have not spoken to in 15 years, and the first words between us are something related to what is happening today--a comment on a photo, a comment on a status update. How bizarre. No, "holy shit, long time, how ya been!" This is what would happen if you met on the street. But online, you can pretty much figure out what has occurred in that person's life since you last spoke purely through the content available (and not available). So I suppose the questions are a moot point. Like people with pictures of their pets or kids--you immediately know their beauty peaked in high school.

Admittedly, there are still people I will not talk to on Facebook, even though we are friends. Because they were more popular or I did not like them and they didn't know it or they were one of many stupid boys I had the displeasure of knowing (talk about scarring for life). It's just stupid. My level of maturity is through the roof in most aspects of my life, but not here, no sir. Fifteen, hot-headed, invincible and full of hormones...like it was yesterday.

Someone should write an instruction manual for middle school and high school, How to Survive with Your Pride, Ensure Healthy Relationships and Not Peak at the Age of 16.


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