Master of the Tasks

I am ridiculously efficient. Really. I have to space out my to do list to make sure I have enough to do each week. Not something I should likely be admitting publically, but then why should I be punshied because I work smarter? And by smarter, I mean efficient (and I am smarter, much).

Did I mention while also managing a household, a dog and an unorganized (by product of brilliance) boyfriend?

Put it on a list, and consider it done. With one minor exception that my long time voyeurs will recall from my Thirty One Pursuits.

Master of Tasks in Action: We are going on vacation to pick up our boat (yes, boat) this week...I have exactly four days and counting before we take off. I (really, truly) am not going to work this vacation, thus I have a list of must do's before I leave--one for the personal side of life too. I have accomplished over half of both lists at this point. Something will certainly creep up, but I will be prepared.

Seriously, I need to find a way to make money off this talent. Sadly, it is my strongest (talent, that is).


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