Plan B

Throughout my life, I have always had a Plan B. No, not the "morning after" pill, but an actual plan that states if A does not happen, I will do B. Frequently there is also a C and a D, but that is purely Neurotically Over Thinking Options (NOTO).

Plan B's have been on the large scale--if I can't have children, I'll go Angelina--and the not so large scale--if I lose my job I'll b) sell my eggs, c) work at Starbucks, d) write a book and pray to God I am the 1% (told you about C & D).

Which brings me to my point. I am officially TOO OLD to sell my eggs. I heard it on the radio--regular radio, as I recently lost my XM where they don't talk about this kind of thing. I suppose this also means I'm too old to be stripper (this was plan E).

Which leads me to my next point (welcome to the way my mind works). If I'm too old to sell my eggs does that also mean I am getting too old to have a baby and all that crap about you're fine until you're 40 is hooey?

Plan B Angelina it is.


  1. I enjoy these, thank you. This one in particular spoke to me, for 2 reasons. I am also a girl with A Plan. As long as I have A Plan, or someone has A Plan-I am good. Funny enough, when we decided after 14 years of being married that we might as well have a baby, it was time to Plan to procreate, I called this Plan, Plan B-for Baby.

    Having a baby at 38 was a gamble, and one suffers many indignities along the way. The fat your body gathers along the way distributes differently than on younger woman-and doesn't stand at attention anymore when the baby is out. Contrary, insulting silver hairs seem completely at ends with the newly lush hair one gets with being pg, and completely contrary to the youthful ripeness of my belly. The chart said, WAMA-woman of advanced maternal age. All the parenting books refer to those in my demo as: older, advanced, delayed mothering, etc. Inside I feel 17. How on Earth is this accurate?

    And then there is the Test. Amniocentisis.

    You are fine, and fertile, and you can have as many babies as Scott will want to drive to little league while forcing them to listen to Marketplace on NPR :)

    And don't think I haven't noticed the times you have mentioned babies in these posts....tick, tick....


  2. Thanks you for sharing my friend--this is quite humorous and comforting. Yes, I can see my children as big fans of Marketplace, and Sqwauk on the Street of course.


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