Today I'm going to let it fly. Kind of like when my new year's resolution was to speak my mind (doh).

Kourtney Kardashian--hell, any Kardashian. I do not get it. Not. At. All.

Is it the big ass and boobs? The fact that Bruce Jenner was crazy enough to marry the woman that birthed you nasty, ignorant whores?

I could CARE LESS about your baby daddy drama, and I'm sorry you agonized about your unplanned pregnancy with a loser, but really I don't care. By simply acknowledging this event I realize I am doing exactly what these non-celebrities want--any publicity is good publicity---but I simply cannot help it. Who ARE you? And why do you haunt my iGoogle news feeds?!

The boyfriend (aka Nostradamus) keeps telling me the media--and it's piss poor judgement of quality news like the a-morale KK crap--is a good indication of the socioeconomic turmoil to come. If that's the case, strap in people because the apocalypse is surely on the horizon.

I'm done.

P.S. You spell your name wrong, bitch.


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