Sweet Dreams

I can't remember the last time we woke up at the condo on a Saturday. We've been at the lake pretty much every weekend this summer if not in some other city. Immediately my mind turns to all the wonderful breakfast eateries we could enjoy, and then I look down at Buddha and remember I so can't go there.

I'm in a great mood today--Robert Downey, Jr wanted to sleep with me. In my dreams. For real, in my dreams. It was so odd. I chose my boyfriend, imagine that.

Dreams are strange. It's amazing how the oddest circumstances, people and places present themselves in seemingly completely normal situations. I'm fascinated with the dream world, and love when I sleep hard enough to visit.

Have you ever woken up and been so emotionally affected by the events in your dream that it determines the mood for your day? It can be awful--to hate someone because of something they actually didn't do yet feels so real? Once, I had a dream my boyfriend "had relations" with our friend's wife. She was pregnant in real life. They had the baby, fortunately it looks like it's rightful Daddy.

Then there's the time I died. You know that whole "falling in your dreams" thing, where you never hit the bottom? I did. And then got up and went to a party where I saw all the dead people in my life. Seriously. I woke up at 4am and called my Mom FREAKING out because I thought I was a) really dead, or b) still dreaming. That will screw with your head for a few weeks.

On the other side of the coin, my dreams frequently deliver solutions to things that have been troubling me. If I'm really stressed about it I just need a few good night's sleep and I will have my answer. And of course, the occasional purely happy dream, like last night.

I have really vivid dreams (conclusion derived through conversation with other people who don't dream in technicolor). They are truly amazing (good or bad) and I could spend my life analyzing them. And the Universe, this too is high on my list.

Maybe it's all the psychedelic fun I did in my young and stupid years. Apparently there can be residual benefits outside of losing your mind.


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