AFV Moment

Last night I had one of those $100,000 moments--if only we still had our Flip video. Which, unfortunately, was stolen during a car break in at a restaurant in downtown Atlanta. People wonder why we spend more time at the lake.

We decided to take a night cruise on the boat. Holiday weekends are ridiculous on the lake--city people and kids renting (and trashing) wave runners and boats they don't know how to drive make for seriously choppy waters. Nighttime is the way to go.

But in order to get to the dock, you have to walk a path from the house through the woods. During the day, this presents no issue. It usually doesn't at night, either.

Having done this walk countless times and spent several weekends grooming the path over, I took to it sans flashlight and let the moon guide me (romantic gesture, I know). Things were going well until I decided to proclaim exactly four steps from the end of the path that I was proud for having done it without the Maglite.

Not so fast. I walked directly into prickers--a giant bush that is--immediately after the words left my mouth. I mistook the direction of my marker, a tree at the end of the path, and walked right into it.

By the grace of God they didn't get my face and I was wearing long sleeves. I was however in shorts, and my legs look like I have taken up "cutting" in some teen angst cry for help. And this morning, they hurt and itch and I have no idea how I'm going to shave my legs until they heal.

I did suck it up and get on the boat, and the ride was lovely. Just lovely.

Today, I shall be taking it out on the pricker bush which will no longer exist when I am done. If only it was that easy with people that piss me off.


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