Apocolypse Cometh

At least in Atlanta. And it's not fire and brimstone, but water. Lots of wet, wet water.

On my way home today, I saw four downed trees (leading to road blockage and thus four detours), two accidents and lots of people wandering aimlessly. Seems they were trapped in their neighborhoods and had to revert to old fashion walking. Imagine that.

It's a bit surreal around here. To think that last year this time we were wondering if we would have drinking water for another month and this year we could afford to support the mussel population in Alabama and Florida with our lake water...but we won't, because we like our lakes full. Yes, that's what all the fuss is over with the Lanier lake level. Slimy creatures.

It's expected to rain for a few more days, although more intermittenly. While I appreciate the coziness of rainy days and books on the couch, I read really fast and am running out of options.

Here's to a mini dry spell so our gutters can clear out, our lawns and basements drain and the opportunity to enjoy our full lakes in the sunshine presents itself (preferably Saturday should the weather Gods be taking requests).


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