Better Place of the Heart and Mind

If you caught my blink and you missed it rant earlier today, you know that today was not a good day for me--on any level. Likely why I am pursuing meditative therapy for range of emotional response. Translation: less freaking out more sanity.

All things were true in my rant--I'm overwhelmed, over worked, over committed, and over emotional. While it felt great to tell it like it is, what feels even better is the place in which I write this post right now. Looking at the things that piss me off as assets and being thankful for them. Sounds cheesy, I know but I highly encourage you put it to the test sometime.

In the brief time that my rant was live, a friend commented to say "you are in charge of your future"--in so many words. Nothing could be truer. Not only your future, but your life. At any point in time you can decide to take control or sit back and let it happen. The key is a balance of the two and the happiest people are those that have achieved it.

Believe it or not, I am getting there. The secret? Love yourself. Be true to yourself and only yourself. I swear, the rest figures itself out. Someone told me this a year ago, and while I wanted to spit in her face at the time, the bitch (whom I love) was dead on. 

Damn, I have some smart friends.


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