Crisis Management Award

Today was the GREATEST day of my whole entire life! Note my sarcasm.

It started with a dentist appointment--which a) I hate, and b) I purposely planned for today because I didn't have any conference calls scheduled. My appointment was at 10:30. At 10:15, Rome fell.

It is not the crisis that occurred that prompts this post, but instead the way in which I managed it with retractors in my mouth, as well as the occasional dental instrument. Have you ever had your teeth cleaned with your cell phone on your ear? Or typed while lying upside down on a blackberry for an hour and a half? Or attended a conference call when all you could do was grunt in agreement (or not)?

That's what I did while trying to hold up the Pantheon.  Talk about feeling helpless. My colleague also happened to be in less than ideal circumstances (i.e. driving to the hospital for family surgery) for managing this situation--together we were unstoppable.  I was fortunate to have good people who knew what needed to happen and took control. Very good thing because I think I wore off half my thumbs with all the freakin' emails and texts I sent. I will never, ever, take a phone call for granted again.

The crisis was peacefully resolved and yes, Rome can be rebuilt in a day. But, my dentist surely hates me and seeing as the inside of my lips are still burning I am certain they did it intentionally. Bet they can't wait to see me again on Friday!

I might just stay in bed.


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