How About Wavy?

I have naturally curly (and currently stripper long) hair. Yesterday, a colleague of mine told me in so many words that people can judge my mood by whether my hair is curly or straight. If I walk into a Monday meeting with curly hair, apparently they know I'm going to be relaxed and laid back. If my hair is straight, it's all business. My straight hair is intimidating too--my "scary bitch" costume.

Did I mention this conversation was with a man?

Anyway, I never thought about this before, but I suppose there is some truth to it. Could it be because I hate nothing more than drying my horse hair--so naturally I am much more serious when straight (and don't straight and serious go together)? Or, because I wear it curly at the lake on the weekend and am entirely relaxed at that time that the curly hair mood is a subconscious thing?

Whatever the case, you should know my hair has been straight for a week.

Watch your back.


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