Frugal is Fun!

Over the past year we've been saving a lot of money. There isn't really a purpose or goal to it, I suppose it's more so a condition of the economic climate resulting in a conservative approach to finances. We've always lived well below our means, security is important to both of us, but also never really wanted for anything either. It was hard to believe anything could really be cut, until we started assessing where we were spending our money.

We eliminated the cleaning people, doggie day care, Starbucks every morning, the gym and dinner out most nights. I can't tell you the last time I shopped for clothing other than absolute necessities. I have forced myself to burn every candle in my house to the nub and use every bottle of lotion I have before buying new of either (yes, these were compulsive obsessions of mine). I even started taking my shoes to the cobbler. Good as new!

Dinner out has been the biggest compromise, but it's also had the most impact. As a result, we've been staying in and cooking. Which in turn has led to healthy eating and weight loss, and connection. Yes, connection. Frugality has brought us closer, and we've had, dare I say fun with it?  Yes, fun. Like finding alternate uses for things we already have, making the most of leftovers (this word did not used to be in my vocabulary) and seeking entertainment from simple things like books and conversation.

It's like life has slowed down--and I like it here. Simple.

In fact, I am embarrassed that I previously would not think twice about buying several Coach bags in one outing, or blowing 100 bucks on dinner several nights a week. What I have to show for it is a closet full of Coach I can't possibly use and 10 extra LBs.

Oddly, Starbucks annoys me the most. $4.85 for a friggin' latte (more because you sprinkled nutmeg on it). Unbelievable. I like the coffee I make at home with flavored creamer BETTER. And, it costs me $9 for about a month's worth of caffeine addiction.

When did we become so wrapped up in materialistic things? Sure, it's nice to have things, but things don't bring nearly the amount of pleasure that personal connections do--no wonder you always see the poorest people in the world smiling on TV and in pictures.

I'm glad we learned this lesson, without the intention of even doing so.


  1. I like this and might share it with my daughters who BOTH want Uggs for Christmas!


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