Mamma always told me I was special

In doing more research about my "type"--that INFJ thingy, I found yet another resource offering in-depth insights into my personality traits. My significant other, an ENFP (defined as my "natural" mate), and I had a lot of fun dissecting the types, learning about each other, and translating the characteristics to our every day lives.

Until we came across this, in reference to yours truly:

"The INFJ's perfectionism and idealism, when combined with their empathy and genuine concern for others, can cause them to be true servants for people in some fashion. They may be great doctors or ministers or counselors. If they have also achieved a good amount of life wisdom, they can become powerful forces, such as Jesus (INFJ) and Mahatma Ghandi (INFJ)."

Jesus. They compared me to freakin' Jesus. Nevermind I somehow doubt Jesus, much less Ghandi, sat down and took a 63 question test to determine their type.

But enough about me. I mean, how can one's significant other possibly live up to the fact that they're sleeping next to Jesus?

Naturally, like Jesus, I have no faults. Except for the list of 16 bullets under "Potential Problem Areas", all of which centralize around the theme of "always being right" and awareness of how I come across to others (i.e. be nice).



  1. well, he might as well get used to always being wrong. He's known you long enough to know it's true!

  2. as an INTJ one of my problem areas includes "may be cuttingly derisive and sarcastic towards others" so i will refrain from commenting on this post...


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