Promises I Can't Keep

What's the saying...don't let your mouth make promises your ass can't keep? Something like that. Anyway, I can't post every day. Just can't do it. I hate the computer that much, it brings me down. I need a device that represents just my writing, and as soon as they invent it I shall have it.  It needs to be about the size of a Kindle, with web access and an actual keyboard--none of this touch keyboard shit (whose fingers are that small anyway). It would also be nice if I could use a pencil or some other dohickey to record random passages, that then translates my handwriting to type.

So then.

This is precisely why I will not make any New Year's resolutions this year. What are resolutions anyway than a promise to conform and be like everybody else? Lose more weight, quit smoking, keep in touch with family, do one nice thing a day. I think we'd all have better luck if we resolved to be raging, sarcastic alcoholics who feast on Micky D's three times a week. Now that would be different.

In any event,. yes I'm looking forward to 2010 (even years rock!) but I'm just gonna live it and not force expectations upon it. At least any I admit. 


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