Birthday Breakfast!

Yum. We had the best breakfast today for Scott's special day. I'm big on birthday breakfast, lunch and dinner for that matter.

Scrambled Eggs (whipped with cream for the extra fluffy affect)
Bacon (center cut only -- cooked until just crisped)
Mashed Potato Pancakes*
Bloody Mary (made with ZingZang, courtesy of intro from the Tuckers)

*Wicked good. We had filets and mashed potatoes last night. I took the leftover taters, combined with an egg, a tablespoon of flour, minced onion, goat cheese, salt, pepper and paprika. Cooked in canola oil, eight minutes per side over medium heat. INCREDIBLE!!

Now, we're off to the circus, where we will eat $12 snow cones...followed by dinner at the Varsity for chili dogs. We're celebrating the first number of his age this year.


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