Familiar Faces from Distant Places

I am cursed, no blessed, no cursed with incredibly lucid dreams. My subconscious is a terrible taunt and reminder of past lives that play out like modern day fables through my nighttime adventures. And then there's the flip side--my future subconscious that carves my path and makes decision without regard for my opinion and surprise, the next day (or soon thereafter) they are reality.

It's true this is a characteristic of my "type" (INFJ) but it's just plain weird. At times I wish lobotomies were still practiced. 

I went through a period of a couple weeks where no joke, half of my friends were having my boyfriend's baby. Night after night, another child. I am ordering up paternity tests, stat.

I work a lot in my dreams--solving problems and coming up with answers. Unfortunately, I wake up thinking I already resolved it (in real life) and then don't get to it for a day or two.

Unexplainably (word?), a somewhat insignificant former like interest (in the grand scheme of things) visits me often--like at least once a week lately. Sometimes directly, sometimes subtly but it always makes me wildly uncomfortable. Last night, he popped in to tell me he was gay. I forgot about it until he was at the top of my news feed on Facebook. Maybe if he just went back to Canada he'd lose his passport to my dreams (ha!).

And then there's this: I dreamed I died once. The whole falling thing? Yep, I hit the ground. Then went to a party where every other dead person I knew was talking to me as if it were completely normal. It was the first and last time I screamed for Mommy in the middle of the night (and actually called her) after I turned twenty-one.

While these are the experiences most often recalled, there are also fantastic dreams that make me late for work having wanted to sleep just a few minutes more. Use your imagination. And then there's the old friends that out of the deepest corner of the subconscious pop in and it warms your heart to see their faces. You might not know their names, of course.

The dreams themselves aren't the problem, but the physical and emotional manifestations that carry with me the next day, sometimes days. Waking up sweating, crying, laughing, in pain, happy, depressed, angry--you name it, it's happened. I know it's not "real"...or is it? I mean, I thunk it right?

Freakiness. I don't tell people about these things often. You can likely see why. 


  1. while most of those dreams look obviously rubbish-unreal, some do appear damn real (which makes them all the more scary).
    a few days ago I was to go to jail days before the birth of my son : once I woke up, it took me minutes to realize this was not actually happening...

  2. What are you eating before you go to bed? I dreamt I found my mother alive in Hawaii. She told me she was happy where she was! Who wouldn't be happy in Hawaii? This dream happen about a year after she had passed away! Is Hawaii her heaven or my idea of what heaven should be?


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