Goodnight and Sweet Dreams

I dare to mutter it aloud, but it is our last (planned) evening in Mexico and oh how amazing it has been. Le Reve is truly a dream--nevermind the French name in a Spanish-speaking country.

We walked down the beach to the North today, sightseeing all the mega resorts. Free-range chickens--that what Scott calls the rows and rows of people on beach chairs stacked on top of one another in roped off areas.

Not our little slice of heaven.

Like a gift from God the sea is calm and waves are kissing the coral rock on the shore as I write this. We finished a day snuggled on the beach. Now it's off to Playa del Carmen tonight, for a meal in town and maybe a little shopping (Mexican pottery addiction is no where near cured), only to return to yet one more amazing perk of this paradise when we are done.

Turn down service. And not just any. Untied white and flowing canopies surrounding the bed, the mahogany and glass door to the terrace cracked just enough to let the cool night air in, and a tiny sweet treat and inspirational hand written note on the plate. Quite possibly one of my favorite things about this place--a bed that says "sleep in me" and an ambiance that ensures you will.

I love, love, love this place.


  1. sweet dreams, my love. soak up every last second, let it in and enjoy the pureness of it. You deserve it.


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