I know plenty, but that's another post.

I'm talking about real tools--be they hammers and nails, the right camera, a laptop, common sense--whatever it takes to get the job done.

Having the right tools makes all the difference in the quality of the product and of course, the time it takes to get it done. We have spent years working on the lake house to update, improve, beautify...whatever. There is something to be said in doing it yourself and seeing the result (after fumbling your way through it, learning as you go). I have taken much pride in finishing cabinets, replacing lights, staining decks, planting gardens and so on.

But in the past few days, I have learned to love not doing the work and Scott has started a career as a general contractor. Glorious carpenters, electricians, painters...the people who get paid to do things we've attempted to do ourselves. What takes us an entire weekend takes them three hours. Yes, it's the knowledge, but it's also the right tools. Like scaffoling, paint platforms, and saws. I am ELATED by the speed in which these things are now getting done around the house, and frightened that I will never lift a paintbrush on my own again.

Granted, the painter brought his entire family with him this Saturday morning--they are fishing on our dock and he's putting a second coat on the wood ceiling--but a family outing of complete strangers in my backyard is a small price to pay for efficiency and a completed project. Things are done a little differently 'round these parts.

Tools are the key to success. If only I could get better internet acccess at my digital marketing job, so I could have more time to post to my blog.


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