About that weekend...

Contrary to expectations, my Saturday night began with what I thought was a lovely dinner and outing with friends, and ended in a first-time ride in the back of an ambulance and three bags of fluid at Piedmont Hospital.

I will spare you the details of my escapade other than to say that it was not pretty and probably the low point of my life in regard to humiliation. The human body can be very, very cruel and unforgiving when given something it does not agree with nor want.

I was so looking forward to our weekend in the city. I did not expect to become aquainted with Piedmont Hospital (which I managed to avoid in the six years I lived there), rather I wanted to be shopping at Ikea and enjoying the dog park. Speaking of our dog, he had a lovely $300 stay at the Hotel Indigo, while I lay awake in a hospital bed and Scott slept in a chair. 

The good coming out of this is the overwhelming sense of love I have for that man who stood by my side (ok, held me up) and did unthinkable things to keep me comfortable (and from dying). He tells me I would have done the same for him, which is true, however with not nearly the calm and appropriate response that he demonstrated.  This man deserves a medal. I hope he soon forgets all he experienced.

Needless to say, I will be cooking my own meals, drinking water and planting flowers this weekend.


  1. i can't believe scott slipped you a mickey

  2. I think it's you who deserves the metal. Perhaps platinum with a nice big fat rock plopped right in the middle. Just sayin'.

    Happy you are better!


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