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Blogger made significant improvements to blog template customization, so baby's got a brand new bag. Trying on a new style for a ya' like me now? 

I almost went with books, thinking that by putting pictures of books on my blog I might actually write one.  It felt too, well, "bookish" else to describe the feeling of primary colors in plaid and dark wood. The now present swirls of ecstacy evoke feelings of freedom and whimsy, which is much more my speed.

No, I'm not drinking. I didn't tell you? I've been on the wagon. A little experiment that is so far going fabulously. One day I will look in the mirror and ask myself what the hell I was thinking breaking up with wine so suddenly, but for now I'm enjoying the unexpected drop in poundage, better sleep and clarity. Imagine that. Anyway, I'm just excited for change (and no this not a subtle reference to the Healthcare vote...for the record, I'm happy with my healthcare, thanks, not that you asked me.)

Speaking of change, seen Kate Gosselin's hair on DWTS? Fucking. Awful.


  1. How about the orange glow she was sporting? What's with the perma-tan of all the people on that show? Do you think that's part of the contract? BTW, I like the new look on the blog.

  2. I feel like college all over again, Dude. Peace with your postings. I agree, oh sage one.

  3. The orange and swirls are dangerously familiar :-)


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