County Conscious

If you live in GA and don't spring for the "special" license plates, then you know that at the bottom of the plate there is a sticker identifying the county you live in. I never really thought much about it, until today.

Living at the lake house temporarily, we are now Forsyth County residents. As I have said before, the lake has always been an escape, and with that escape comes the country way of life. It's endearing after a tough work week in the city, and the modified pace makes one stop and smile.

Not so much when you're living here. Now it's just a bunch a stupid hicks that won't get the hell out of my way.

That said, I went to register my car today. After a near traffic stop last night, I figured I'd best be renewing my tags to avoid losing my license, car or otherwise. It was an efficient process and I'm glad to have it behind me.

I will not, however, apply that little sticker that says "Forsyth" to the bottom of my license plate. No one can make me do it. As far as all commuters are concerned, I live in Cobb. And I just might in a few months again anyway so what's the point?

Case closed. 


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