Living in the Moment

Right now, I am working (sort of). And I wouldn't call myself happy, but maybe content. However, I know that tomorrow I will be booked back-to-back all day, and therefore in the present moment I am also anxious because of future events.

I am therefore, not living in the moment.

While I have found that experiencing the "now" does in fact bring more enjoyment, it's incredibly difficult to do, let alone keep up. It's a vicious, evil circle. How can you live it the moment when a decision, task, event--whatever--is imminent and not think, worry, ponder about it?I have learned that living in the "now" can positively impact the "then", whereas living in the "then" during the "now" usually brings negative consequences.

Even knowing that it's still hard to do. So frustrating.

Now, I'm going to go back to work.


  1. content is such an evil me its not really just being happy with what/where you me its like youre comfortable...not setting goals...lacking drive...people like us should never be content...happy? yes! content? no!
    content to me means its time to move on...focus on whats next...get away from the grind...


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