My True Calling

So y'all know I'm an INFJ and sometimes an ENFJ. If you don't know what this means, start by going here (or here for the cliff notes), then come back and read on.

Type identification has long been associated with career path. If you're good at X, you should be Y. My X is many things and a very small percentage of the population (I'm special damn it), but my two favorite Y's (besides my blog of course) are "Author/Writer" and "Psychologist".

Since I'm currently not getting paid to do either, I figured, why not try and do both! In my spare time, naturally, because unfortunately my day job, too, is on the list. The goal is to ultimately replace one with the other.

It's true that I write--you are reading, therefore I write--and I have been known to save (or end) a few marriages, and guide people in the right direction using my intuition and crystal ball. In my world, they are now one, and I've been self-treating all this time anyway through writing.

I know what you're thinking. Crazy bitch. For the record, all therapists are crazy. It's what makes them good at their jobs. They can relate to what's wrong with you. I am fairly certain that the people who have asked, and then truly listened to what I have to say, would tell you I provided good advice and was, in the end, right.

In wanting to take the idea of comments, questions and feedback one step further, I have opened the digital therapy line in the form of an email box. Super high tech, I know. Again, not getting paid to do this. The benefit to you is free advice. Or just the opportunity to bitch at me should you so choose.

So reach out and touch someone. Me.


  1. Ah, Swiller. Such a giant force of encouragement in my life. It's because of you that I am where I am today.


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