What Does it All Mean?

So today, I'm crusing through World Market buying stuff simply because it's on sale (who doesn't need two sets of beaded string lights?!?), and my sister calls me. It's the middle of the day, and I just talked to her  the day before so I know something's up.  

Turns out, she's been trapped on Facebook and catching up on my blog. She tells me she dreams of the house. Wait. What?

Yep, that house. The one in my very last post. She too has the same dream.

She says it so casually while I, on the other hand, am dumbfounded. She's more interested in the fact that one of her friends announced her marriage on Facebook (eloped to Vegas, smart girl).

My sister's dream isn't a nightmare, but the scenario is the same. She starts by going up the steps (dark wood), going through the rooms (same colors!), and ending up in the attic. She's also looking for something, but she digs through old trunks. In my dream, I go past the trunks...but they are there.

Ok, so now the same dream is happening to two different people and I still have no idea what it means. I still haven't had it again, either, so no closer to finding what I...I mean we...are supposed to.

The mind is a very strange thing...but I suppose it's not just the mind at play here.


  1. who is that picture of?

  2. on the side? It's me! Don't I look like a boy? I cut my hair (and the curtains) and this what I ended up with.


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