I'm not sure how you access my blog, but if are visiting the main blog page, you may have noticed that my fonts have fallen out in every section except the most recent post. Why? If you are viewing one post, and not home page, it's fine. What's the deal? Opinions and fixes welcome.


  1. go old school. hand write your blogs. show us that you mean it.

  2. Look after the text... "So reach out and touch someone. Me." in that post if you look at the html which you should be able to view that if you try to edit that post and you should notice a tag like this <tt>. That means True Type Font or in less nerd terms even spaced boring old font. This tag is not closed with a </tt> tag so it is wreaking havoc on the rest of the page. It is probably an artifact of something you pasted; perhaps the email address. If you are not able to remove that then it is a bug on the blog where they are putting in this tag incorrectly.

  3. Thank you Greg Hawk -- that was exactly the problem. JZ, once you start going to door-to-door, I'll start hand writing my blog.


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