On the Road Again

Just can't wait to be OFF the road again.

Business travel, the next five, count 'em, five weeks! Oh joy. Then again, business travel is how I started blogging. Stuck in Delta Crown Rooms due to delayed flights with nothing to do except vent...to the internet. Of course, I no longer have that Crown Room membership and my status is simply Silver so traveling has lost some (ok, all) of it's perks.

Instead of sipping free cocktails in First Class, I lean against my coach window and think of all the things I appreciate when on the ground. Like a work day at my desk. My team. Dinner with my boyfriend. Comfortable shoes. The fact that this travel shit is not a weekly occurance any longer.

A little travel does help to mix it up, but it is exhausting. Early flights, late nights, heavy meals, lots of wine and unfamiliar beds all add up to one tired and highly reluctant business lady.  I am completely in the zone while in meetings and at dinners, but going to bed at night and waking up in the morning are painful...as is the presentation being given at 2pm on the second day of the meeting. Truly, truly painful. Needles in the eyes painful.

The day after I return, which would be today, I am usually a raging bitch (confirmed) because of the aforementioned exhaustion on top of email jail and two days worth of work to accomplish in six hours.

And then there's this...

Note to Self. Do not schedule OB-GYN appointments as a childless woman in your thirties the day you return from travel. You will not take the news that your eggs will start getting old in two years very well. At all. Oh, and the little issue of high blood pressure will only get worse as you think about the four more weeks of travel ahead of you that you won't be spending working toward getting married and having those babies before your eggs need walkers.

I have spent so much time on airplanes that I failed to recognize I'M GETTING OLD on the ground.

I think it's time to quit my job and start living my life.


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