Redneck Champagne & Flowers

It's beautiful outside. And it's about time.

With that comes the desire to be and live outside, thus the landscaping projects, dock set up, and all the other necessary steps to create the season's outdoor paradise. I've challenged myself to do it with $500--to include the purchase of furniture, outdoor rugs, furniture pads, all the associated greenery and of course the accessories. I am going BIG this year. I figure the lake house is finally up to my standards of a true home, so outside should match. I will document my progress in the coming weeks.

Game on.

There is of course the grilling as well...the way we end the days that are filled with the tasks of creating the oasis. Burgers, steaks, chicken, shrimp, crab legs....YU-UM! Scott has mastered this art, along with his smoker and this alone is reason to celebrate the coming of the outdoor season. While there was no oasis building today (unless you consider recruitment advertising paradise), the day still ended with a bag a charcoal and a Weber.

Hot dogs. Yep, hot dogs. Had a hankerin'. Mustard and pepper relish. Absolute freakin' heaven. Accompanied by nothing other than Kraft Mac & Cheese...although the deluxe kind because I'm 33 not 3 (sometimes). Paired with none other than cheap white wine chilled with ice cubes.

Imma livin' the good life. Outside.


  1. i never realized you were a list maker...


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