Ever since I got my iPad, I don't really have any. Unless you count Free Cell, neurotically checking Facebook, Plants v. Zombies, and taking pictures of the places I have lived via Maps. The below would be my favorite.

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, the crack house I used to reside in. It didn't used to look like that, I swear. Or maybe it did, and I was too drunk too notice.

Anyhoo...being able to take that photo is in itself remarkable. Just Monday I didn't know how to take screen shots with the iPad or iPhone. Luckily, I have a really smart team--the same team that gets it done when everybody else tell them no, so that someone else in the company can present the same idea a year later and call it "new". I digress.

They showed me how simple it was to take a screen shot, which got me to thinking, "what else can this shiny flat thing do?". Well, the short list:

1) Predict the weather
2) Find me a house to buy
3) Monitor my sleep patterns and wake me at the appropriate time
4) Decide what's for dinner (or make reservations)
5) Manage my budget and bank account

If only it could blow dry my hair. My hopes are high.

Oh, and it let's me blog without breaking out the big guns. With or without wireless keyboard, I might add. I'm in love.

It also predicted separation therapy may be in my future.


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