How iPad is Changing My 12 hours.

My iPad. I finally got it. We missed the FedEx guy twice, so we scurried down to Alpharetta to pick it up despite the fact they would try again on Monday. So worth the drive and shitty Indian dinner we had while there.

What a wondrous piece of machinery that warrants every single penny I agonized over spending. I cried, really, when I downloaded my first book. It's so inexplicably crazy special to me.

With just a few hours of exploration under my belt, I am a big fan of iBooks and Amazon Kindle Store for iPad (I know, right?), mail, google maps, video, free cell, and general web surfing. The ease of set up and sync of all of my Apple devices and the ability to turn on (and off) 3G from my friends at AT&T at whim only adds to the experience.

Today, I will take that little beauty down to the dock, read a bit, then jump in for a lounge on my new blue lake floaties. They are indestructible and very comfortable. And they better be for $90 a piece. Neighbors swore by them, and I do spend at least $90 each year replacing the Wal-Mart variety, so we'll see.

We'll also be house hunting a bit today. We'll be taking the iPad on that tour too, for use of the large map and all my saved property detail. We've seen about 20 properties thus far, and the very first house we walked into is still the top contender. Go figure.

Tonight, I will use the AllRecipes app, propped up on my counter to guide my culinary journey to dinner. The Mac will thank me for no longer spilling oil, spices or otherwise on it's precious little keys.

Just a few ways in which the iPad brings pleasure and utility at this point in our relationship. I'm sure it will start cooking dinner, walking the dog and cleaning the house in no time.

My name is Courtney. And I am SO NOT a PC.

Author's Note re: Previous Post:
Groupon. Sorta sounds like a trendy name for an orgy, but alas, it's a lovely little service that provides daily deals via email for restaurants, products and services in your local area. Like laser hair removal. The very next day after my last post, I got a groupon for four treatments at $125! Of course I bought it, and I can't wait. Check it out.


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