How was your weekend?

Inevitably, Monday starts with this question. But no one ever answers it. "Fine" and "Busy" are highly subjective terms that don't say very much about how you spend your free time. I would like to think that in our "live for the weekend" American culture, the answer to this question would be much more interesting.

But apparently it's not. Is it because weekends aren't that exciting, or are we just not talking about it?

I think I live a much more exciting life than most. Scratch that, I make better use of my time. Sure, I have to clean, cook, fix, care for, and so on. But I also take visit here and there, to update this or that, to try a new food, and so on. I'm not talking trips to Dubai or 5-star dinners...more like a local museum, planters for the deck, and a new Indian restaurant. And the occasional last minute trip to Vegas, naturally.

Life is way too short to spend the (limited) free time we have doing things we don't want to. I know we all have responsibilities, but be real about what absolutely does and does not need to happen. The weekend is your time.

So, what are you doing next weekend?


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