Change of Plans, or Planes

Today was one of those days that didn't exactly go as planned. I am still in my living room, when I should be in a hotel room watching a movie and ordering room service in the city of L.A.

Last night, I got really sick. What kind of sick I will leave to your imagination. I can't say this was entirely unexpected...I had been feeling off all week, especially in the mornings and at night before bed. The timing was just impeccable. I slept maybe three hours, and when it came time to get up and head out the door I knew I was in absolutely no state to get on a plane. For my sake and everyone else's.

And I immediately felt guilty. Because I had to fly for work and I had two meetings to conduct over two days. It didn't matter that I really, truly, would not survive five hours in the air, not to mention a meeting. I still spent the rest of my day trying to get another flight, stressing myself out and worsening the situation.

When I called Delta, they told me the next flight with open seats was 7pm. I though that was perfect...give me time stabilize and I'll only miss one meeting. Not so much. When 4pm rolled around--the start of my three hour booking window--it was oversold. And for the next five hours I called Delta every 15-30 minutes to see if that flight or future flights would open. Depsite the fact that I felt only marginally better.

When it became apparent that I was not going anywhere and my last option closed, it finally dawned on me. WTF? You're sick you idiot. Do you really think you are going to FLY ACROSS THE COUNTRY in this state? You don't need to be super woman. Take care of yourself, and do what you can from home. The key being, take care of yourself.

So simple, and yet so damn hard. I don't do nearly enough of it.


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