I heard a rumor the dislike button is now available on Facebook. I have yet to investigate it for fear of abuse once possessed. I dislike all kinds of crap out there, and will likely end up insulting and even alienating people should this little button find its way into my applications.   

My number one pet peeve? No pictures of yourself. What's the point of being a Facebook stalker if you can't look at photos? Or being on Facebook period? This is not just a dislike, but a Facebook fail. And to the people who post pics of their kids / pets only? Let me tell you, I immediately assume you are much less attractive than when I knew you, or that your self-esteem is currently supported by anti-depressants.

Next up is Four Square. I do not care where the hell you are. Period. But burglars and serial killers might.  And who wants to be a fake Mayor anyway?

And finally, there are the people that don't know how to use it, i.e. updating their status with what was meant to be a wall post. The "oversharers" also fall into this bucket, especially the ones that update us on personal hygiene habits or sexual experiences. No thanks. 

For all that I hate, there is much that I love. Like connecting with old friends, knowing what's going on in my current friend's lives even if it's been a few weeks since we spoke, and of course all the interesting information made available through people's experiences.

If only there was a "Like" and "Dislike" button in real life. It would sure simplify a few things.


  1. uhoh : foursquare user, oversharer to some extend, posting more pics of my son lately than of myself...
    aaaargh I made my way to your dislike!

  2. Au contraire! You have pictures of yourself available, I would not consider you an "oversharer" but four square...yes, that you are guilty of, however I will cite "job" as the reason.

  3. If you even try and find excuses that means I'm safe :)
    Relieved not to have slipped in the social douchebag zone (yet)


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