I had a few today that I'd thought I'd share, because I love to share. Thoughts, not my stuff.

First, I learned a very valuable lesson courtesy of some really great advice from my boyfriend who is good for so much more than sex. So the story goes...I'm a smart girl. Sometimes, however, I let my emotions get the best of me and that can lead to trouble.

Especially in the work environment. Like calling your boss an asshole. Please...I'm not an idiot and if you knew my boss you would understand how far from the truth that statement actually is, but you get the point of my behavior. I've been doing this 13 years and there is very little I haven't seen. My passion can get the best of me.

I lost perspective that it's "just recruitment advertising" for an hour or so yesterday and got yelled at by someone I respect. A lot. Two very powerful words worked their way into my vocabulary--"you're right." Which of course means I'm wrong (BLASPHEMY!), but in this case 100% accurate. I learned to separate my emotion from the facts, and when that happens all is bliss. Suppose all that couple's therapy is finally making it's way into other areas of my life.

Second, I'm not cut out for suburbia. And I'm spoiled. We went to Outback tonight. Why? Because we wanted something new. Seems we tapped out the three independent restaurants in the Cumming area our first month here so "variety" is now the chain circuit. But as I sat there drinking wine that cost more than my entire dinner, I realized this is your Average American's paradise. I wanted to vomit over that bloomin' onion, but I gained perspective that not everybody has a Muss & Turners, Taqueria Del Sol, or Fontaine's. And it made me sad. For them. I had to leave the city to realize this, but nonetheless, it kinda humbled me how lucky I am to have (ok, had) really damn good food. Humility while it's off to Cantina or Bistro Niko with ladies tomorrow.

And finally, the mystery bloggers. Sneaky little shits. Turns out a few women I know are blogging under pseudonyms, but because I'm an INFP I figured it out like nobody's business. And they are GOOD! Ladies, own it! From a friend that recently moved to Nashville to a co-worker who would probably be mortified if she knew I knew, I'm uber-pleased to see the blogging happening. And of course the fact that links to this blog sit on their pages.


Another day, just a little bit smarter. Naturally.


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