The Ultimate Reward

When asked why I am good at my job, my response is typically as follows: "Because I give a shit."

And boy did I ever for the past nine months. I have been working with a highly talented team of people to develop what is now the AT&T careers website. I have nurtured this baby from a bullet list of requirements to a PDF of pretty pictures, to a fully functioning, highly immersive and absolutely gorgeous live website. This must be what it's like to give birth. Simultaneously joyful, overwhelming and a little sad that it's over.

Of course, I alone have not achieved this. There were plenty of people involved, for I am not a web designer nor programmer...but I have been known to write some copy.  I took it personally and project managed it to perfection. Which is most definitely why they call me a VP. Not so much. But it mattered. It had to be absolutely right. And thankfully I have a visionary client, the most incredible creative director on the planet (and no you cannot hire him), and a bevy of specialized programmers to make it so.

I've been doing my job for 13 years. And never, ever, have I felt more proud. I'm also relieved...I lost my life the past few weeks in preparation for launch, and I get it back. At least until Q4 negotiations kick in mid-September.

The ultimate reward comes in the end can see it, touch it, live it. As I sat there today with less than an hour to launch, I was so emotional (as is evidence of this blog post alone, no?) a kid on Christmas. So much of what I do is intangible, which is why I am often more frustrated than fulfilled with my work. But not this...this I can experience.

And so can you...The Most Unbelievable Recruitment Website Ever Built.


  1. Congrats Courtney! you deserve it!

  2. Well said! You deserve more than just Friday off.......your baby has been born!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so happy that you wrote this. You have expressed EXACTLY what it is I used to love about my work there. I am so, so happy that you, of all people, are still able to experience that there and be connected to that rare and awesome client that "gets it." Keep up the good work, C!


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