Calm Before The Storm

You know that saying when it rains it pours? In my world, it's a little more dramatic. Like, when it rains it pours, then hails, floods, blows and shakes the earth. Everything happens at once, and one day you realize you're no longer in Kansas.

Also known as my fourth quarter, to which the word "busy" is forever defined in comparison.

I'm taking the time this week to enjoy the little things. Like dinner before 9pm, Saturday's and Sunday's, sleep, and a clear head. Come Friday, they will all be distant memories until January.

Because this season is inevitable, I invested a lot of time designing  process and procedure intended to help manage this annual influx of work more effectively. I'm feeling more "resourced" than ever before, but the bottom line is this: all the process in the world will not decrease the number of things to do.

In many ways I thrive off of it. I'd rather be busy than bored, and for the most part I'm planning, arguing and organizing which are more like hobbies than tasks for me. It just would have been nice if summer was the quiet lull it usual is, but certain work-affirming projects changed that this year.

As it turns out -- and why would we have it any other way I've only been house hunting for a year -- probably going to be moving sometime before December too. Things are progressing as they should and once we have bank approval on the short sale we'll have 30 days to close. There is of course also that little issue of diagnosing my would-have-been stroke. That will take a few doctor's visits, but hopefully no more trips to the emergency room. Tack on a conference speaking event, a wedding and the holidays and you could say the next three months are pretty much down for the count.

Here's hoping up I wake up in January not dead, in a new house, with a closed quarter, and maybe a husband. I mean, why not, right?


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