Just Another Day. In the Land of WTF.

Interesting day around these parts. Back-to-back conference calls and all kinds of business to conduct. Didn't count on a two hour episode of blurred vision, numbness in my right arm and lips, dizziness and loss of the English language, and am left to wonder how much damage my demented state may have caused that I don't remember. Because naturally I powered through my day, only to be rewarded with a relaxing evening in an adjustable bed, drowsy and writing. Oh, and an IV in my arm. At the Northside Forsyth hospital.

Because I was still feeling weak I decided to hit up Urgent Care on my way home just to make sure. I mean, if I'm at a loss for language something might actually be wrong. Nevermind the rest of it. They kindly sent me here, and while everyone is really nice, I feel fine now thanks, and would like to go home. Not to mention the full moon...this place is more happening than Vegas.

But I can't. I'm awaiting the CAT-scan and bloodwork results. But damn did they triage me fast. Why? Oh, you know, to rule out a stroke. Or a complex migraine. I am personally rooting for option two, and think it's more likely in a 33 year old woman who might actually be dying from stress.

Why so blasé? Because what the hell else is there to do? Don't worry til' I got something to
worry about, right?


I will admit there's a little part of me that is actually somewhat scared right now. They are all acting really funny. Not telling me shit. And because they could in fact walk in here and tell me my life is changed forever.

But I don't think so. I got a house to buy, babies to have and a dog to walk. Oh, and a job
to get back to.

Chalking this up to reasons we have health insurance. Lord knows I'm getting my money's worth tonight.


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